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Enforcer Symbol by Kuwathen
Enforcer Symbol
This is one of a few symbols I could actually decide in any of my stories for whatever purpose. In this case it is for my Esper related story Black Lightning as the symbol for an Esper police force called "Enforcer" that deals with any Esper related crime. Enforcer is a huge organization with many different sections which I may detail later with another peice. The symbol is a white/silver web over a black back ground to symbolize an all encompassing web that knows what the law breaking Espers are up to, basically.

The blue/red/green is nothing more than to separate the symbol from the back ground which would have been white if I hadn't colored it. Overall this took me about half an hour and was entirely created with Manga Studio 5 with a USB mouse. Since term started back up again I'll be busy with school but I'll be drawing either with pencil or Wacom pen when I have the time (and when I'm not focused on story typing).
Manga Studio Practice One by Kuwathen
Manga Studio Practice One
Pretty much as the title says this is the first in a series of practice pieces to get me used to making art with Manga Studio 5 (and drawing with a mouse). These practice pieces will be many random and different things, such as a hallway in a building here or a forest border for instance. I'm also working on another practice series that is done traditionally with pencils and possible inking over the lines.

done in: Manga Studio 5
time: roughly 2-3 hours, mostly to figure out how things worked

Stay tuned for more art in the future.
General Info

Name: Amanda Klintok
Title: Firstborn. A common classification title given to a group of individuals who were the first successful human alien crossbreeds. (Ex: “Wroth Firstborn” would be the title of individuals like Amanda Klintok who were the first half-human half-Wroth children born).
Nickname: Amanda got the nick name “Ruby” because of the color of her eyes.
Age: 168
Race: crossbreed, half-human half-Wroth
Gender: female
Eyes: ruby with cat like pupils
Hair: straight shoulder length and brunette in color
Weight: well built. Though a bit heavier than her fully human counterparts due to her Wroth blood making her bones denser.
Height: 5 foot ten inches
Occupation: Prime Minister of the Human Alliance for four years (“Alliance” is subject to possible change in the future)


Family: human mother, Wroth father, human husband (deceased), two daughters
Mother: Jasmine Klintok (deceased- died in 2146 at the age of 84)
Father:  Gosigne Yethrog
Siblings: two brothers and one sister that are Firstborn like Amanda, more half siblings from her father's first mate.
children: Jasmine Klintok (named after Amanda's mother), and Lilly Klintok
Birth Date: June 8th 2118
Place of Birth: Tul'vanis home world of the Wroth, in the capital city of Aviria. She was born in a hospital near the Human Embassy.
Hometown: Avaria
Childhood: typical of most Wroth filled with skill based games, though she was a bit famous for being a Wroth Firstborn. Amanda nearly killed the Wroth testing her fighting skills during her coming of age trial.
Education: public schooling in Avaria (k-12 essentially), Wroth military college, Political Science College on Arakkat
Occupational History: Wroth military for 25 years, severed as a judge of Avaria's main civilian court for 30 years, served in the human parliament for 15 years, served in the human military for 70 years.
Amanda Klintok Short Profile
Another short character profile for one of the major characters in my story Fuse Project, this time an old friend of the main character. I'll do some of these soon for the aliens and some sketches in the future.
Can't think of a good title for this journal... But as usual school has gotten in the way of drawing as well as Skyrim and world building for a story of mine I have called "Fuse Project". I've done a little bit of practice drawing for manga style female characters, though I'm still working on it and may post one of them when I get around to finishing it/them. I'll also be putting up some information about Fuse Project soon such as locations and characters. I gonna try for concept art on architecture for the different races of Fuse Project, however that may be a while.


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